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About TopicBay

If you are into SEO, you must be tired of the exhausting and expensive process of creating, optimizing and publishing high-quality content on your website. That is exactly what drove us to create TopicBay.

We have the experience. Our team has built hundreds of sites over the years, including publications, affiliate sites, online stores, blogs, online tools and company profile websites;

We identified the need. Unique, high quality and targeted content is hard to produce. Search engines are also putting more emphasis on fresh content so adding new articles regularly is a necessity and not a luxury.

We created the solution. TopicBay – a marketplace with a huge variety of attractively priced unique, high-quality content.

The idea. TopicBay is a marketplace that allows publishers and SEOs to hand pick unique, targeted articles from a large bank of articles written by experienced freelance authors. Browsing a category or searching a preferred keyword instantly presents dozens of relevant articles, without the long process of writer-screening, authenticity validating, keyword optimizing, price negotiating, and, most importantly, the long wait for the article to be written. From now on, setting up a new site or enriching an existing one will be much easier and quicker – content is no longer the bottleneck.

TopicBay also offers unique and efficient services and tools:

- Tailored Service. If you can't find the specific article you were looking for in our extensive article bank, jump to the Requests Arena and post a request to our author community and get a tailor made article – risk free.

- Images. Your purchased article can include royalty free photos that make it much more attractive.

What do you think? We welcome your feedback and suggestions because we always want to give you a better TopicBay experience. Feel free to let us know what you think; we promise to listen.

The TopicBay Team