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 Transcription takes your spoken language and turns it into written words that can be read. You say it, and we write it!

 Do you know what you want your written content to say, but don’t have time to type it yourself?

Our transcription services are the solution. Simply send us an audio file, and one of our professional writers will transcribe the content for you, making it ready for immediate publication on your site. Easy!

TopicBay’s transcription services are a great fit for any business or industry. Here are just a few examples:

Academic and Medical Transcription

 Leading experts (professors, lecturers, researchers, scientists, and academics) worldwide use transcription to put into writing interviews conducted with experts and subjects; students and teachers use it for long-term studies. Doctors in all fields of practice use dictation to record the events of patient appointments, and need that dictation transcribed into written documents for patient records. Expert transcription preserves important observations and nuances that can be lost in the speech-to-text process. Our professional transcriptions can prepare these records for you.

 Business Transcription Business people often conduct discussions and meetings where minutes are jotted down in real time but which, in the end, do not note all the comments made during the talks. In these situations, recording the meeting and turning the audio into written text is vital to making sure all of the important information discussed gets preserved. TopicBay can help in these situations. Our experts can listen to the audio, type it into text, and then send it back in a manner where the text is ready for immediate publication or dispersion. Legal Transcription

In legal situations, it is often necessary to document the statements of another party and preserve those statements for use in court. Often, a digital recorder is used to take the initial spoken statement in the giver’s own voice and words. Later on, it often becomes necessary to turn the spoken statement into written text for legal documents. It is incredibly important to retain the integrity of the spoken statement in the text form—in legal matters, accuracy is essential. To maintain this integrity, choose only the most professional services for the most accurate results. Our TopicBay team provides precise, professional transcription for use in legal matters of any kind.  

 Transcription is important to people and organizations worldwide, and for a myriad of different reasons. When you need the spoken word transcribed into written text, the professional transcriptionists here at TopicBay can take care of it for you. Easy as that!


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