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What is quality content to SEO pros?

Dear SEO professional,

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In the post-Penguin/Panda world, SEO pros are shifting tactics to meet new needs. Gone are the days of heavily data-driven content; instead, you’re focusing on producing high quality content that will drive visitors to your sites, have them enjoy their time there, and then get them excited to come back with friends.

But what is “quality content”? It’s a term bandied about the internet and within SEO circles, but what do you mean when you say it?

For SEO pros, quality content most important above all else, offers great value to visitors. Quality articles give your visitors the information they are looking for: updates, latest news, exciting product features, juicy gossip—and do it all in an approachable manner. What quality content IS NOT is old, tired, rehashed writing that doesn’t give your readers any value. Content that informs them, entertains them, and makes them remember you—that’s quality content for the SEO pro.

As you already know Search engine optimization (SEO) is a collection of methods used to improve the status and ranking of a website in search engine results.

Most search engine users don’t bother looking at results returned on the second page, and certainly not those that rank on pages further back than that. It is therefore crucial to rank as high in search engine results as possible for the most visibility and greatest traffic. The site which ranks first for keyword search terms receives the lion’s share of clicks, thus ranking on the first page is very important to success. As traffic to the site increases, it will continue to rise in rank.  More traffic leads to higher profits for commercial sites.

We recognize that as SEO experts,you do not focus on just one area but many; you are looking for content with the best keywords, title tag optimization, comprehensive descriptions, and the most solid content out there. To assist you, we have in TopicBay the widest selection and variety of custom content on the Internet that you can use to promote your client’s sites.

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